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Shooting With Fido | Protecting your investment

September 23, 2013 Posted by william

Gun shy dogs can be the biggest problem with purchasing and owning a bird dog. A gun shy dog can be a catastrophe for a hunter who invests a good amount of money into the investment of a hunting partner. In many cases a good gun dog can amount to over five thousand dollars or more depending on the particular breed and type of training aids you use, your entire investment can be lost should you have a gun shy dog. Lets break down the general costs.

1. Initial purchase price of the canine. $500-$5000.00

2. Dog Training $300-1200.00

3. An Electric Dog Fence or dog fence diy kit, also dog fence wire

you can also get cheapsubstitute heavy grade dog fence wire from

Watch this great Invisible Fence Video it shows you how to install your own system much cheaper

4. Food shelter and toys $300-1500 per year

5. Veterinarian costs. $400-$1500 per year

Now the list can go on an on the main problem many hunters run into is that they simply just don’t put enough time into shooting with their dogs at a young age. Most of you have steel targets and shoot on the weekends but don’t shoot with your new hunting dog. Remember puppies can be broken of gun shy behavior but it is absolutely critical to introduce them to loud simulated hunting sounds at an early age. Worst case scenario you can determine your dog is afraid of loud sounds and cut your losses early in the game. Best case scenario you can teach your young bird dog to get used to loud sounds in essence protecting your expensive investment of time and money. Be cautious of cheap collars, the manufacturers of these systems tend to package the system with low grade invisible fence replacement collars.